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Temperature dips, sale of woollen garments rises

Thứ sáu, 10/01/2014 - 03:59 PM

VARANASI: The dip in temperature has brought cheers for the traders of woollen garments.

With the beginning of New Year, the temperature dipped to single digit after which the crowd started swelling in the woollen markets. The scene at seasonal markets in Beniabagh, Maidagin, Lahurabir, Kutchehri and some other areas are sufficient to establish this fact.

The budget class markets have recorded an increase of around 10-15% sale in the adults wear section while major growth of about 20-25% is being noticed in the sale of children's garments.

The buying of woollen inner wears and caps is also on increase. It is also leading to a hike in prices, admitted traders at the Tibetan Market in Benia area. This market is a major attraction for customers from across the city due to availability of low cost products.

The manager of a store in Durgakund said that earlier it was considered that the market of woollen garments sees a growth in December. But, the sales records of past one week tells different story as growth has been witnesses in this period.

The market is now expecting same conditions till January-end on the basis of weather forecast which hints that this region will be under cold wave even after Makar Sankranti.

"There is not so much effect of the dip in the temperature on the sales of the woollen garments as we have not yet recorded hike in the sales," said owner of a showroom in Lahurabir. According to traders, Ludhiana and Nepal are the two major exporters of woollen goods to the city and the major stockiest have already revised their orders for supplies.